Garden Design Services

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Individual projects differ in thier complexity, therefore the amount of input and kind of garden design services required will vary between clients. Below is a rough guide to some of the services I can help you with.

Initial Consultation

This will be our first meeting, preferably on site, to discuss your garden, what you would like from it and how we can achieve that. During this consultation we will talk through your likes, dislikes, ideas, garden styles, themes, practical aspects of the project, budget, and time scales. Based on this meeting you will then receive a written Design Brief which establishes the direction of the design and your requirements. Included with this will be a quote for future services that I would recommend. Taking your outdoor space from good intentions to great garden.

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Site Survey

A survey of the site to take accurate measurements is a necessary part of the design process. You may already have architects drawings with this information, or in the case of a simple small plot measurements could be taken during the initial consultation. For large or complex sites it will be necessary to engage a professional survey.

Concept plan
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Concept Plan

The concept plan will show the ideas for your design as a two dimensional drawing, perhaps with photographic reference or three dimensional sketches so that you can visualise how your garden could look. At this stage the design will still be evolving as you respond to the concept visualisations and ideas develop.

Concept plan
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Outline/Master Plan

Having agreed the direction of the design, the next stage is to produce outline plans which will show the broad arrangement of the design to scale. In effect a map of the hard and soft landscaping elements with index and annotation as appropriate. Often this will be enough for competent contractors to work from.

Outline plan
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Setting Out Plans

Setting out plans are particularly important for designs with strong geometry or sleek lines. They provide accurate guides for ensuring that the elements of the design lines up, are to scale and give clarity to contractors.

Ensuring things go in the right place
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Detailed Designs

Detailed design drawing specify materials and construction details, an important part of ensuring that construction is undertaken to best practice, and invaluable in sourcing comparable quotations from contractors where there are significant constructed elements.

Ensuring informed construction
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Planting Plans

Choosing plants that are suitable for growing conditions and maximum impact from the design is crucial. A garden should have year round interest and be as inspiring in the dark days of winter as the blousy days of summer. Change and variety whether bold or subtle keep things interesting and uplifting, while permanent structure unifies the overall impact. Planting plans can be a simple diagram showing plants, their location and planting numbers or more detailed with additional information related to flowering season, plant characteristics, expected growth and spread, soil preparation, nutrition and maintenance.

Planting plan
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Laying Out

Positioning plants takes a particular eye. With extensive horticultural experience and a cultivated understanding of planting combinations for the Scottish climate, Karen can lay out plants to great effect giving each plant the best chance of thriving.

Project Monitoring

Karen is available to oversee your project on an hourly consultancy capacity, keeping a professional design eye on the project as it progresses.

Other Services

Depending on the precise nature of the project, other services can include:

  • Care & Maintenance Strategies
  • Tendering
  • Award & Invoicing
  • Building Supervision & Management
  • Plant & Material Sourcing

Experienced in large and small scale garden design. I can help you with design services from site assessment to full outline plans, planting schemes, and project management. All available packaged to your individual requirements.