Award winning Scottish garden designer Karen Laing

Hello there, my name is Karen Laing. I am an Edinburgh based Garden and landscape designer working throughout Scotland. I have been a gardener most of my life and creating garden spaces ever since the first den my brother and I built at the back of our family garden. So it is no surprise that as an enthusiastic amateur gardener, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped to consolidate my horticultural knowledge on the ground when I became a team member of BBC Scotland's Beechgrove Garden.

It was at the Beechrove Garden that I received the encouragement to branch out and start the process of becoming a professional garden designer. As a consequence, it was all the more special to me, later in my career, when they invited me back to design some of the programs community gardens.

I love to apply my creativity to practical problem solving in garden landscapes of all shapes, sizes and environments. Undoubtedly, this love is what lead to designing and building RHS and RCGS medal winning show gardens, as well as domestic and community gardens across the country. 

As a graduate in Fine Art and a post graduate in Landscape Architecture I continue to expand my skills and knowledge through personal research and training sessions with the Society of Garden Designers.

The importance of horticulture and green-space to our well-being is a priority to me. As such I became a trustee of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society  in 2016 and became a vice president in 2019. I became the garden specialist for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres in Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2011 and continue the supervision of care for the Glasgow centre's gardens.

My love of nature, artistic eye, and skill for spatial problem solving is what distinguishes my garden designs. So if you need inspiration for your landscape design project, call me on 07757 235528 or fill in the contact form and let's have a chat about your garden project.

Karen Laing, Garden Designer