Planting Schemes and Plans

I tailor planting schemes and plans to your individual garden’s requirements.  There are many variables that effect the success of  planting within different areas of gardens let alone between different gardens. So it’s definitely worth investing in a well thought out planting plan. Soil condition, aspect, drainage, weather, shelter are among the many things I will take into consideration when choosing plants for your garden.

My aim is to establish thriving planting schemes for your garden with year long interest. As such I will assemble a matrix of plants that will provide seasonal interest while being part of the overall unified garden structure.

Gardens are growing places which are ever changing. Accordingly my planting schemes will take account of these natural changes. Working from a position of experience and knowledge the plant recommendations that I will present you with, will have the best prospect of establishing successfully and thriving for many years to come.

Planting budget: what will it cost?

We can achieve instant garden transformations by specifying large established plants and dense planting when that fits your budget and design intention. However in a few short years more modestly budgeted planting will establish quicker than you would imagine. Giving you the same long term enjoyment and satisfaction. So the amount you spend on plants is very much up to you.

Good planting design understands that it is not always about quick fixes and will be responsive to change. Whether that change is watching small plants grow or keeping large plants to scale I can supply legacy strategies that deal with establishing planting over time. As well as their care and management for long-term benefits.

I am available over the longer term in a consultancy capacity to help you get the best from your garden as it establishes and your planting evolves.

Types of planting plans and planting design services

With extensive horticultural experience and a cultivated understanding of the right planting combinations for the Scottish climate, I offer a range of services from expert advice thorough to planting plans and long-term management strategies.

Depending on your particular requirements I offer:

Simple plans showing broad sweeps of planting types without specifying individual plants. These are popular with more experienced garden enthusiast.

Bespoke planting plans detailing named plants, size, quantities and positioning.

Detailed planting matrix that not only provide plant names, size, quantities and positioning but also detail information about growth, seasons of interest, plant characteristics and care and maintenance advice.

Plant advice

I am also available for advice on a consultancy basis. So if you are struggling with problematic growing conditions or don’t know what to do with established plants or perhaps just want advice on what will grow in your specific location. Please get in touch.

Whatever your requirements I am sure I can help. Contact me to arrange a site consultation.

A random stone path winds through a courtyard planting scheme