Garden Designs and Layouts

When it comes to garden designs and layouts bringing together your ideas can be a tricky business. You know what you like and don't like despite not being able to visualise what it is you want the design and layout of your garden to be. Where do you begin? What should you keep? What needs to change? Can that particular plant you really love grow in your garden? These and other endless questions and possibilities can make deciding how you want your gardens layout to be rather tricky.  Equally tricky could be coming up with any idea at all. Everyone starts from a different place when it comes to garden designs and layouts.

That's why finding the right garden designer is crucial to helping you achieve the garden that is right for your individual desires and aspirations.

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Why choose to work with Laing Landscape Design

Choosing the garden designer with the right insight and experience to produce the best design solution for your garden aspirations is the crucial start to achieving the best garden for you.

I come to each new home and garden with a sense of curiosity. I want to learn about all the factors that will inform the best possible garden design for you. To understand what you want from your garden. How your garden relates to your home, it's situation and your lifestyle. With this understanding I can then work with you to make your garden a uniquely special place for you, your family and your life style.

I believe that a garden designer should serve their clients in the same way that a good architect or interior designer does. With enquiry, knowledge and experience. Resulting in design that reflects and enhances the way you live.

As every client is unique their requirements will be too. Therefore  my approach to each individual project is bespoke. As you will see in the Services Section I am happy to work with you in which ever way best suits you.

The garden landscape design process. 

Every project is exclusive. Some designs evolve, as we explore your ambitions for you garden along with any practical constraints. Other designs reveal themselves quite quickly. The most important thing is to achieve the correct design for you in the way that best suits you.

I know from experience the most important part of good garden design is a healthy working relationship between client and designer. Achieving a full understanding of your requirements and aspirations, along with a full assessment of the site characteristics is fundamental to a happy project with successful outcomes.

This working relationship begins with an initial garden design consultation to establish an understanding of how to make the most of your garden. This is achieved by discussing your goals for your garden and sharing my ideas, vision and practical advice in line with these.

With experience in large and small scale garden design I offer a full range of design services from advice on replanting a border to site assessment. From full outline plans and planting schemes to project monitoring. All of these garden and landscape design services are available packaged to your particular requirements.

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