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Welcome to the start of something really special – the start of your garden or landscape transformation.

Whether you’ve come to this site to look for professional design consultation or full garden / landscape plans and project management you’ve made the first of many good decisions by visiting Laing Landscape Design.

Hello my name is Karen Laing an Edinburgh based RHS and RCHS award-winning garden and landscape designer, offering inspiring responsive garden and landscape design services throughout Scotland (and the rest of the world should you care to invite her).

The garden landscape around your home, like the clothes you wear, is the first impression the outside world gets of you and your home. It is the first threshold to be encountered, your introduction to newcomers, and most importantly the “welcome home” to you, your family and friends.

Such a significant asset to your life and home holds the potential to be enjoyed on a daily basis. As an extension of your living space, to both occupy and look upon, your garden can add value to your life and home in so many ways more than just financially.

Good garden design will enhance you daily living experience in ways that reflect your lifestyle, interests and values. Which is why choosing the right designer  – with the right insight and experience to produce the best design solution for your aspirations – is the crucial start to getting your ideal garden.

If you’re looking for inspired garden and landscape design services tailored to your individual requirements, providing sustainable landscape design and planting plans that enhance your outdoor living space, please get in touch with me today by calling or using the contact form.

Karen Laing

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