Planting Schemes

Experienced in large and small scale garden design. When it comes to planting schemes I tailor these to individual garden’s requirements.  There are many variables that effect the success of  planting within different areas of gardens let alone between different gardens. Soil condition, aspect, drainage, weather, shelter are among the many things that must be taken into consideration when choosing plants for your garden.

The enticing impact of a show garden comes from considerable investment in time, effort and money and is short lived. My aim is to establish thriving planting schemes for you with year long interest. Establishing such planting may take time, gardens are growing evolving things. Good planting design understands this, it is not always about quick fixes and should be responsive to change. I can supply legacy strategies that deal with establishing planting over time, their care and management for long-term benefits. I recommend a longer term association to get the best from your establishing and evolving planting.

With extensive horticultural experience and a cultivated understanding of the right planting combinations for the Scottish climate, I offer a range of services from expert advice thorough to planting plans and long-term management strategies.

I can offer bespoke planting plans specific to site conditions and climate, detailing individual plants or  broad sweeps of planting types depending on your particular requirements. You may be dealing with problematic conditions or established plants and want advice on how to deal with these in your new development.

You may perhaps just want advice on what will grow in your specific location without detailed planting plans.

Whatever your requirements I am sure I can help. Contact me to arrange a site consultation.